Monday, June 30, 2008

IPCPR Prep, a Day at the Movies & Chess

Greetings Friends,

As we prepare for the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) Trade Convention in Las Vegas on July 14, Molina Cigar and Devil's Weed are heavily promoting the cigars. We will keep you up-to-date throughout the show everyday from our booth, so be sure to keep an eye on this page during that week.

Devil's Weed and my friends at Don Leoncio in New Orleans were asked yesterday by a movie studio that's in town to do a rolling event and pass out cigars to their actors and crew members. They were excited to see us there! The movie industry and cigars have historically always been close partners and everyone stopped by our rolling table after they had their lunch break. It was a pleasant sight to see so many people enjoy their short break as they relaxed with Devil's Weed and Don Leoncio Gran Reserva. They were also entertained to see Luis roll some cigars for them. There was also a New Orleans brass band present and people enjoyed dancing to those local rhythms while at the same time smoking smooth cigars and drinking some fresh fruit frozen beverages (it was another hot and humid New Orleans day). Needless to say, the event went well and the studio graciously treated their staff with a great event. People enjoyed the cigars and offered positive feedback on the blends as well and many were interested in the history of Devil's Weed and its homage to the cigar industry!

Afterwards, Luis and I headed back to Don Leoncio's Cigar Bar on 430 Canal Street (just in time too because it began pouring rain and the event was outdoors). We relaxed with some of our smokes and Ysidoro challenged me to another game of chess. Every time I go see the brothers Rodriguez, there is always time made for our games of chess (or domino) and Ysi endured some beatings by my mental ability (4 games in a row). Ha ha! Maybe next time, Ysi. Regardless, our Devil's Weed smokes made the chess session more enjoyable. All in a day's work.


Monday, June 9, 2008

East Coast Travels

Greetings Friends,

The last week has seen Molina Cigar and Devil's Weed on the move on the East Coast.

First off, I personally want to congratulate Abraham Flores who is overseeing our National Accounts Sales. He brings with him generations of experience in this great industry (his family has been involved in tabaco in the Dominican Republic for over three generations) and he is a valued asset to Molina Cigar Co. On a side note, he is working with our cigar-maker, Juan Rodriguez, on their own project (called Pinar del Rio, which promises to be a great blend of a cigar! Pinar's Official Website)

I also want to welcome John Toscano who is representing us in New Jersey and North Pennsylvania. He has over a decade of experience in the cigar industry and we are honored that he is the face of Molina Cigar in that region.

Well friends, as I mentioned, I have been on the East Coast spreading the word about our great cigars and it has been a pleasure re-visiting this part of the country. I have been situated in the South for awhile and it is refreshing to see another part of this great country and all its beauty. I forgot how hilly Pennsylvania is! I stopped in Friday night at BnB International in Philadelphia to help with PA's first Devil's Weed event. And how lovely the shop is! Brian DeCesare was warm enough to invite us and his shop is beautiful. Before we even set up, I was introduced to his dogs, Maduro and Ashton (nice cigar names!) who are regular fixtures at the shop. The store is located in the beautiful Chestnut Hill area of the City of Brotherly Love and it is a gem of an area. Anyhow, the event went well and people enjoyed the cigars as many bought them by the box! I can't wait to get back and enjoy another night with Brian, his sales associates and wife! Thanks again, Brian!

On my way back down I-95, I stopped in Saint Mary's, Georgia and visited Cumberland Cigar Co. What a shop! Standing in the idyllic southern Georgia setting, dotted with moss-draped, ancient oaks, Cumberland Cigar was established by the late Ed Guevara, who was a dear friend of mine from my Don Juan Cigar days, and is now run by his amazing wife Carrie and dear friend Richard (Mealstrom on Cigar Weekly). I was honored to finally meet them both in person and pay witness to Ed's legacy. I can't wait to do an event with them (especially when it is cooler!).

After a few cigar stops in Jacksonville, FL, I headed back in my chariot to P-Cola and will be back at it preparing for IPCPR's Trade Show in Vegas in a few weeks. Energized by the cigar-smoking activities on the East Coast, Devil's Weed promises to support the B&Ms and Molina Cigar will make sure to spread the cigar throughout the rest of the country! Salud!


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