Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Customer Review

Greetings Friends,

A fellow follower of the DW sent us this written review of the Cab Selection and I have forgotten to post this. Here it is regardless. Thanks again, Adrian A.!

May 1, 2008

The Devil's Weed Cigar line is made by the Molina Cigar Company. I recently had the chance to try one of these cigars and I was, frankly, quite impressed.

I tried the Colón which the website ( touts as "the crown jewel of Devil’s Weed."

The aroma was light and pleasant. The smell gave a hint to the smoking experience I was about to enjoy. I found it to be slightly woody, nutty, toasty, creamy and, believe it or not, minty! Yes, minty, but we'll get to that later. The taste was easy and mild. Very pleasant, soothing, and tasty. Before I lit the Colón it was pleasant and light. After I lit it, it seemed to "pop" and make the aroma jump out and get noticed. The aroma matched the tastes perfectly.

The first thing you'll notice is the packaging. It comes in a paper tube instead of a cellophane wrapper. It really appealed to me. It almost look like it was gift wrapped. I'm not sure if the "gift" allusion was intentional, but their slogan says something like tobacco is God's gift to us.

The cigar was very well constructed. It has a very light brown wrapper, lighter than most connecticut wrappers I've seen. The cigar is also very tight and will need a good sharp cutter to make an even cut. Although it is a tight little bundle (Capped at both the foot and head) it has an amazingly perfect draw. That's where the mint comes in. Some cigars are so tight, it's a battle to get a good draw (think malt through a straw) Some are so loose, it's hard to tell you're smoking (think air through a straw. This was the perfect balance and drew very, very cool. I've never experienced anything like this. It gave it a mintish hue to the taste. Very refreshing! I tried to ignore the draw and focus solely on my palate and could not taste the mint. I think it was coming solely from the draw.

The burn was perfect. I was tempted to say "near-perfect," but there was no unevenness at all. The ash was equally amazing providing yet another tribute to this beauty's construction. I'm usually worried about when the ash will fall, but I like to leave it alone and not knock it off. This ash simply would not fall. I had to break it off at about 60% smoked. You read that right. It wouldn't flick off. I had to break it against the side of the ashtray. The balance of the ash stayed on until I had to put the tiniest nub down.

Because it was such a neat little bundle it was tougher to light than an uncapped foot usually is. The initial first couple of puffs produced a fair amount of smoke. Not too thick and not too thin. The taste was smooth and mellow. Getting into the 2/3 of this cigar, it was still as smooth as ever but with a little more "heft" to the taste. So far, so good. Coming down the home stretch capped off the rest of the experience. I knew this was going to be a winner. I picked up a small flavor of chocolate towards the end. What shocked me was this cigar did not once get too hot. The ash was still holding strong as was everything else. I didn't want this to end.

If you have the chance to get these, do yourself a favor and buy a box. You will not be let down. At least pick a couple up and you'll see what I mean. If you can't find these yet, ask your tobacconist to look into ordering some for you. This is a definite "must have" in your humidor. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed the taste and experience of smoking this fine work of craftsmanship and art.

-Adrian A.

We welcome any and all comments positive or negative as our goal is to give everyone a great smoking experience with our cigars.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Tale of 2 Cities - The NOLA and Houston

Greetings Fellow Followers,

Don Juan Cigar Co. and Devil's Weed had three events last week in their stores to launch their exclusive size, called the NOLA. I'll post some pictures of this vitola when I can. It is a 6 by 54 candy-cane (two wrappers that intertwine) that is a blend of the Cab Selection with an additional maduro wrapper. The body is a but fuller and has more toasty sweet notes. Everyone seemed to enjoy the blend and they loved the dimensions (as you know we don't have anything over a 50 ring gauge currently). So if you are interested in the NOLA, call Don Juan Cigar Co. (504-889-2600) and they can help you out!

We also sampled a limited release called the LP-1803 (in honor of the Louisiana Purchase). I will publish another post describing this blend in more detail as well. Thanks again to Don Juan Cigar Co. for the launch event. Check out some of the event pictures:

In addition, I just came back from Houston visiting some great cigar shops including Richmond Avenue Cigar. I came across a fellow cigar enthusiast named Robert who was kind enough to do a YouTube video of his commentary on the LP-1803. Check out the video below:

I did not realize how dense Houston is with cigar shops. My brother, friend and I ended the night at Downing Street Cigar Bar/Pub with some D-Dubs and a nice small-batch whiskey from California called St. George. It was a great pairing. We hope that Houston will welcome Devil's Weed in the coming months (Cigar Cigar! in SugarLand already carries us so if you live there, you can visit them!).


Monday, January 5, 2009

A Happy New Year, 517 AT!

Greetings Friends,

now that Holiday Season 2008 has gone and past and we are probably getting back into the mix of things, we at Molina Cigar wanted to take the time to thank all of the Devil's Weed faithful (both smokers and tobacconists) for their support.

We anxiously await 2009 and its upcoming events. Devil's Weed cigars continue to gain support and acclaim and we await new blends, sizes, merchandise and accessories this year. Check back here all year for the latest company updates.

Before we part, we must inform you all of our obsession with time (as a new year is a fitting time to reflect on such a subject). I am sure all of you geometrically-inclined, substantive folk have meditated on this phenomenon. Time is a commodity we can never have back or hoard. We can lose it but never accumulate. Time is precious and everything is temporal.

We at Molina Cigar Company obsess over time and history, especially as it relates to the tabaco/cigar industry. Thus it is fitting that we announce that this year is 517 AT (anno tabacum; in the year of tabaco).

Why 517 AT? The year in which tabaco was discovered by Columbus (and effectively the Old World) marks the year 0. The years after that point puts us in the time/year of tabaco or anno tabacum. The years prior to the "discovery" of tabaco are labeled as BC (before Colón or before Columbus).

So in keeping with Devil's Weed's ultimate tribute (and obsession) to the cigar and tabaco, we herald this year as 517 AT! Have a happy one, fellow followers!


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