Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy (belated) Tabaco Appreciation Month!

Greetings Friends,

I apologize for the lack of posts this month but I have been on the road spreading the good word of Devil's Weed. We have been everywhere from NYC to Miami, Orlando, Houston and New Orleans visiting shops, hosting events and kicking back with like-minded cigar smokers. We will post these events and their pictures over the next week to re-cap to you each party.

I also want to announce to you of our mission to make October "Tabaco Appreciation Month." In keeping with the history and background of Devil's Weed, we at Molina Cigar want to underscore and create awareness about the great history of tabaco and cigars. We chose October because appreciating tabaco and cigars should be kept in line when we celebrate Columbus Day (the great discoverer of tabaco). It was fitting when I was in NYC a few weeks to be at Columbus Square and meditate for a moment about out great discoverer of tabaco -- Cristobal Colón (or Christopher Columbus). It would have been more appropriate if the statue of Colón was holding some leaves of tabaco. Regardless, we at Molina Cigar want to begin our ambassadorship of tabaco and cigars to the rest of the world by first paying tribute to Colón (who by no coincidence is the namesake of our doble perfecto).

So when you relax this month with a cigar, remember to pay tribute to the venerable history of tabaco and that it began with the great voyage of Colón 516 years ago.

Luis Molina

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