Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cigar Smokers, North & South


I have noticed a great thing from calling on customers and cigar shops in order to sell Devil's Weed. I have called people from all over the country from deep in the heart of Georgia to the Pacific Northwest, from Chicago to San Antonio, New Hampshire to New Mexico and everywhere in between.

And what I have noticed is that cigar smokers (and this really should come as no surprise) are laid-back and easy to talk to. Sure we all have our problems and annoyances, but cigar smokers are a bit more relaxed and open-minded. I feel fortunate to work in an industry that embraces such a philosophy. That is the power of the handmade cigar. The non-smokers cannot fully comprehend our great ritual. That is why I firmly believe a cigar a day keeps the heart-attack away. I firmly believe that pure tabaco is negligible when it comes to adverse health effects. I know that even many cigar smokers may raise an eyebrow at this statement, but remember the de-stressing component of our passion. Smoking relaxes us and slows our heart rate which is healthy for our cardiovascular system. We, as busy Americans, need to unwind sometimes and smoking a puro helps indeed. It's usually the cigar-Nazis that always point their fingers at us and are always so angry that their veins in their neck pop, no wonder they die young.

So, friends and enthusiasts of the leaf, (people who are generally rational, cordial and of consequence, no matter from what part of the country you hail) remember that cigar smoking is truly good for you; mind, body and soul.


Monday, February 25, 2008

A Sweet Spot


I just found a great resource on the web. It's called Cigar Places ( When I used to work at Don Juan Cigar Co., I had many out-of-towners ask me where there was a place to drink and smoke or eat and smoke (Don Juan has a lounge in-house but they don't serve alcohol or food). This was a common question and I'm sure many retailers around the country are asked this as well.

In this time of tribulation and persecution for the cigar smoker, Cigar Places is an easy-to-use reference for just a list of safe havens. You can do a search in a particular city to see where the cigar-friendly places are and when they come up, yellow markers pop up on the map. You can add places that you know, in order to help the community. If a restaurant or bar no longer allows cigar-smoking, you can suggest the removal of the advertised location.

Check out Cigar Places, before you hit it out for a night on the town, so you know where you can smoke your cigar in peace and avoid those smoke-Nazis.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Castro, Same B.S.

A glorious day for Cuba as it is embracing democracy! Oh wait, I thought Communism had just collapsed in Cuba and the people
(Castro with another crazy, Chavez.)
would actually enjoy freedoms we Americans take for granted. Never mind. I'm sure we rationals are sadly giggling to ourselves as Cuba is proving its democratic inclinations to the world as it voted in another Castro.

Now I know many Americans may have a hard time locating Cuba on a map (am I cynical or what?) or that their indifference prevents them from being aware of a Cuban embargo (I can't tell you how many people ask me why we can't purchase Cuban cigars), but I hope you at least paid attention to today's events in Havana.

It's not really that historical of an event: Fidel Castro, dictator extremus, the father of lies, has relinquished his seat a week before after first taking over Cuba in 1959. And today, elections for the President of the State have taken place and Fidel's younger brother, Raul Castro, has won (after serving as interim President when Fidel got sick a few years ago). I say today's election isn't that significant because this election was a sham. One Castro for another. Communism with the mask of democracy. I doubt the conditions for the Cuban people will improve. Many Americans argue that we should lift the embargo; that it isn't effective.

Obviously, these same people have fallen for the propaganda out of the island (they probably adore Che as well). Now please understand that I love Cuba; its history, its culture, its food, its people (the non-Commies; the rationals). But allowing economic trade between our two countries only helps those at the top in Cuba. The masses don't see any benefit. That is why America has implemented and practiced the embargo. But wait, Cubans get free education and free health care (which is superb). WRONG! They get free education; but what they are teaching is skewed in favor of the Commies. (example: they teach Cuban children that Americans are devil-worshippers; that they hate Cubans and are envious; I am not exaggerating. Health care? It's free but it is not the same famous health care that is given to foreigners with money; there is a difference.)

One day over some cigars, I spoke with a Cuban-American whose grandmother just escaped from the clutches of Communism on the island. The first time she went to a supermarket in America (it was in Miami), she fell to her knees and started bawling inside. Her relatives picked her up and asked why she fell and began crying. She replied that in Cuba she was always told that Americans do not have great access to markets like this. Obviously the truth was too much for her to bear. This is the garbage the Communists have created for the innocent people in Cuba.

I love Cuba and I cannot wait to use Cuban tabaco on our cigars. But until that day, when a true democracy is in place and the Cuban people are free, I do not support cutting off the embargo; even after this sham election has taken place. Hasta la victoria. Siempre.


Our Website


I forgot to mention that if you are interested in checking out more detailed information about our company and cigars, go to our official website:

Below is our illustration of the discovery of tabaco (some of you know it as the landing scene or the discovery of the New World; unto each his own, I suppose).

An Introduction


Allow me the pleasure of introducing myself to the world wide web. My name is Luis and I represent Molina Cigar Company. I have enjoyed the pure plant product that is the handmade cigar since I lit one on the levees of Lake Ponchartrain when I was sixteen. Over a decade has passed and I still find myself enjoying cigars and I am ready to introduce the world to our company's first brand, Devil's Weed.

For those who are not history-inclined (shame on you, first of all), the term Devil's Weed was coined by the world's first anti-tabaco group: the Spanish Inquisition (sorry Pelosi, you don't win that title). The fundamentalist extremist group hated tabaco so much they even imprisoned Rodrigo de Jerez (one of Christopher Columbus's sailors who was credited for the discovery of tabaco--as an Old World native since we know the Indians have practiced tabaco consumption for hundreds of years prior to the landing) because he enjoyed the plant product so dearly.

515 years later, things have not changed in regards to the views against tabaco. Many people still despise such a harmless and glorious object and would gladly crucify the geometrically-inclined souls that are cigar smokers. At Molina Cigar, we honor the lovers of tabaco and the handmade cigar; and our first brand, Devil's Weed is a tribute to you. Enjoy life, family and friends with a cigar. You'll live longer.

Take that Pelosi (mongoloid supreme).


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